“Shah Abbas” and “Ughurlu Khan” caravanserai complex is commissioned after restoration in Ganja

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva attended the ceremony of inaugurating the caravanserai complex “Shah Abbas” and “Ughurlu Khan” in Ganja after restoration, June 24.

The President and the First Lady were given information about the conditions created at the complex.

It was noted that the development of Ganja as a city is associated with the name of Great Shah Abbas. Historically formed central part of the city was the bazaar square called “Shah Abbas Square” by residents of Ganja. The central square of Ganja differed from bazaar squares in the majority of cities of Azerbaijan due to its unique architectural elements. This square was second to only the bazaar square of Tabriz by its size in the 17th century. Probably, the caravanserai “Shah Abbas” around the bazaar square was built in 1663-1664 at the expense of Ughurlu Khan, a nephew of Murtuza Gulu Khan Ziyad oghlu, one of the beys of Ganja, according to the plan of architect Sheikh Baheddin Mahammad Amili, and belonged to a khan’s family. As it was one of the grandiose buildings of the caravanserai era, Ughurlu Khan named it after great ruler Shah Abbas.

Another caravanserai with relatively small volume was called by people as ”Ughurlu Khan”. In the first half of the 19th century, after the Russia-Iran war, Russian military garrisons were deployed in big cities of the northern Azerbaijan, and the caravanserais were confiscated as all properties belonging to khans. The monument had lost its appearance due to various reasons. According to a relevant instruction of President Ilham Aliyev, “Shah Abbas“ caravanserai was restored, maintaining its previous view, providing it with modern infrastructure, and improving the surrounding area.


Then, President Ilham Aliyev was presented examples of busses and harvesters assembled at “Ganja Automobile Factory” Production Union.

It was informed that production of the electric bus “E-321” was launched under bilateral agreements signed between “Ganja Automobile Factory” Production Unit and “Belkommunmash” OJSC of Belarus in 2019, and 4 electric busses have been assembled to date. This public transportation means is very efficient both in terms of environmental friendliness and saving energy. The busses are provided with an air conditioner, information monitor, and a video surveillance system.

It was brought to attention that there was also launched assembling of new modern harvesters at “Ganja Automobile Factory” Production Unit. Execution of this project is made possible on the basis of a cooperation agreement signed with well-known firm of Finland “Sampo”. According to specialists, this equipment will be quite interesting to farmers, proving itself in the conditions of Azerbaijan.