Five bridges over the river Ganjachay are commissioned after restoration

Among the construction and development works being carried out in Ganja, building and repairing of roads, pedestrian crossings and bridges are main priority directions. Recently, the restoration works on five bridges on Ganjachay have been completed at the same time.

On June 24, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva became familiar with the works carried out on these bridges.

It was informed that one of the five bridges, the one located at the intersection of Museyib Baghyrov street with Ganjachay River, was built in 1986, the other four bridges having been built in the 50s of the last century. The bridges had become useless for walking on as they were too old. Taking this into account, the President signed a Resolution on May 16 last year on allocating 6.4 million Manats from the President’s Reserve Fund for the restoration of 5 bridges located at the intersections of Shah Ismail Khatai and Nizami Ganjavi avenues, Museyib Baghyrov, Mirza Abbas Abbaszadeh and Alovsat Mammadov streets of Ganja city with Ganjachay River that were in an emergency condition. Using these funds, repair and restoration works on these bridges were completed in an optimum timeframe. Reinforcement and concrete works were carried out on the movement part, handrails, lower and upper parts of the river bed, right and left river side slopes, tyre returning barriers were built on both sides of the movement section, and the pavements repaired. Thus, both pedestrians and cars will be able to safely move on these bridges.

Here, the President was also given information about the roads with completed construction. It was noted that reconstruction of the 5km-section of the Ganja-Kalbajar-Lachyn highway will improve movement to and from Ganja city, making great contribution to the development of tourism in this region. In the framework of projects on rebuilding of roads between villages and settlements, the Yenikend-Kober-Garaaghajly highway, which is 12.7km long, was rebuilt. Covering three settlements, this road facilitated movement of thousands of people. At the same time, existing drainage pipes under the road were restored, installing new ones where necessary. A new bridge was built under the project at the 11th kilometre of the road, in an area called “Ganly Gobu”.