Mehriban Aliyeva: “I call on the organizations “Freedom House”, “Amnesty International” and “Human Rights Watch” that have declared protection of human rights as their mission to give impartial assessment of the acts committed”.

Dear fellow-citizens!

The events that have occurred in American city of Los Angeles and in some capital cities of Europe recent days have angered me as millions of Azerbaijanis.

Peaceful and patriotic actions of Azerbaijanis who went out to streets to support their Homeland in demonstrations by having agreed it with relevant state bodies encountered physical violence, aggression and inhumane hatred by representatives of the Armenian Diaspora.

Well-trained instigators, having used their significant advantage in number, attacked peaceful demonstrators, causing them injuries. In a number of cases, aggressive Armenian groups attacked Azerbaijanis who could not withstand the uncontrolled mass because of their little number.

The ideology of hatred and azerbaijanophobia instilled in them for tens of years yields its “ugly fruits” – some Armenians threw stones to peaceful demonstrators at the centre of world capital cities, others shelling houses of Azerbaijani citizens using heavy artillery.

There have been a lot of such examples of crime against the people of Azerbaijan in history.  

It would suffice to remember the mass killing of Azerbaijani population of Khojaly town by Armenian armed forces on the night from February 25th to 26th in 1992. Over ten states have recognized these tragic events as genocide, and were denounced on the level of international organizations.

On that bloody night, fully armed Armenian fighters killed 613 people ruthlessly, subjecting 421 civilians to tortures and humiliation. 1275 people are missing or taken hostage, and the town itself was burnt to ground.

Over a thousand civilians became invalid due to injuries from fire arms. Among those killed, 106 were women, 63 children, and 70 elderly.

Eight families were completely annihilated, 25 children lost both their parents, with 130 children losing one of their parents. 56 people were burnt alive.

The killing of two-year-old Zahra Gouliyeva by Armenian aggressors should also be mentioned. Zahra died on July 4, 2017, together with her grandmother, in Alkhanly village of Fuzuli district as a result of fire opened from large-calibre arms. Another example - on July 14, 2020, 76 year-old civilian of Tovuz district Aziz Azizov was killed as a result shelling by Armenian armed forces of civilian objects.

The Armenian propaganda network has been for 30 years conducting their cunning anti-Azerbaijani propaganda with the help of their numerous diasporas to justify these ruthless crimes. It is no mystery that the absolute majority of the smear campaigns against our country have drawn inspiration from the Armenian Diaspora, and financed by them.

The hatred and aggression has increased to such a degree that some representatives of this Diaspora commit lawless acts and cause disorder in capital cities of western countries.

How can one interpret the fact that the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Brussels, considered to be the hub of the European politics, was stoned, and peaceful demonstrators were caused injuries?

Videos of violence and vandalism shot in Los Angeles, Brussels and other cities showing the true image of our enemies cause both anger and well-grounded questions.

Why law-enforcement forces of those countries allowed these uncontrolled gangsters to cause such disorder? How could they turn a blind eye to these crimes?

On behalf of millions of Azerbaijanis living around the world, I call on law enforcement bodies of the USA, Belgium and other states to closely investigate into these events, give an appropriate legal assessment of them, and hold all culprits responsible, as lawless acts should be punished.

I call also on numerous non-government organizations, including “Freedom House”, “Amnesty International” and “Human Rights Watch” who have declared protection of human rights as their mission to give impartial assessment of the acts committed. However, for some reason, we don’t’ hear from them. I am hopeful these entities will demonstrate sufficient principle stands to give up their double standards and make statements based on facts.

Dear brothers and sisters!

These events clearly demonstrate to the world society how dangerous Armenian’s occupation policy against Azerbaijani civilians is.

In such cases, our duty is to convey the true facts to the world community.

Our duty is to get united and demand, from all platforms, that the last acts of violence be justly investigated into, and culprits held responsible.

Every voice is of significance!

I call on all world Azerbaijanis to act jointly and unite the whole potential of our Diaspora in order to give a worthy response to the uncontrolled enemy. Nevertheless, we should not forget that we cannot act like those savages and gangsters who base their acts on inhumane sense of hatred. Our struggle should be within legal norms only.

I want to thank all who have raised a protest and hoisted the Azerbaijani flag in all world cities recent days.

Without a doubt, no provocation may compel us to renounce our cause of justice. We are millions, we have one goal only – to defend our Homeland and restore its territorial integrity, and the historical truth.  

Because Garabagh means Azerbaijan!